CFAT Talent Development Programme 2023-24

At CFAT, we all never stop learning. 

Our 2030 Excellence in Education Strategy includes a priority for identifying skills needs to support trust strategy and growth of our people. 

Crating capacity for sustainable growth and improvement: encouraging and empowering all teachers, leaders and support colleagues to develop and maintain their expertise and passion for teaching and learning, and to own their own professional development at every career stage.                             

Our learning and development strategy is designed to support the professional development of our workforce and outlines how we will develop our workforce's capabilities, skills and competencies to ensure we delivery on our 2030 priorities. It’s a key part of the overall 2030 excellence in education strategy.

Building an inclusive environment, where staff (and SCITT trainees) can be themselves and feel supported, empowered, valued, respected, treated fairly and able to achieve their full potential and understand the difference of equality.

A support staff talent management programme is also available for roles at all levels.