Statutory policies for schools and academy trusts

Updated 31st August 2021 | 21st Sept 2021

Trust Wide Policies 

The following policies are published on the trust website as they are applicable to all CFAT schools and settings. 

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Please note that the policies below are being updated for the 2021-22 academic year and will be uploaded once adopted by respective boards or committees in line with the scheme of delegation. 


Please see below our 2021-22 policies that are available to download:

CFAT  Statutory Policies

Click Here to review Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2021

Community First Academy Trust Platt Bridge Community School Kingsbridge SCITT                       Start Well Family Centre

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy has been created in line with the DfE's 'Keeping children safe in education' (KCSIE) statutory guidance and related legislation and guidance.

We use this policy to implement a whole-trust preventative approach to managing safeguarding concerns and set out a clear and consistent framework for delivering this approach, as well as to ensure that our schools are compliant with all statutory safeguarding procedures.

Click Here to review Keeping Children Safe in Education

Sept 2021 information

The DfE has published ‘Keeping children safe in education 2021’ (KCSIE), which all schools will need to follow from 1 September 2021.

As a result we have updated our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

Click Here to review Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy

Sept 2021-22

Schools have a duty to ensure arrangements are in place to support pupils with medical conditions. This policy is to ensure that all pupils with medical conditions receive appropriate support, allowing them to play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy, have full access to education (including school trips and PE), and achieve their academic potential.

Click Here to review trust SEN Policy and Information Report (Local Offer)

This policy sets our school’s approach to supporting pupils with SEND including: 

  • Catering for different kinds of SEND
  • Key staff and expertise

Click Here to review Trust Behaviour Policy 

Sept 2021-22

The policy outlines our trust/schools approach in managing behaviour in our schools. It outlines our prevention strategies and sanctions for unacceptable behaviour to ensure you are able to provide a safe environment free from disruption, violence, discrimination, bullying and all forms of harassment.

Click Here to review our Complaints Policy 2020/2021 

This policy has been created to handle complaints relating to any aspects of the provision of facilities or services against:

  • Any member of staff in a trust academy, including headteachers.
  • Any local governors or trustees, including chairs of governors or trustees.
  • Whole governing or trust boards.
  • The CEO of your trust.
  • Any academy within the trust.
  • the trust as a whole.

Click Here to review our Early Career Teacher (ECT) Induction Policy

Early career teachers (ECTs) are entitled to a two-year induction period which is underpinned by the 'Early Career Framework' (ECF). This policy has been created in line with the DfE's statutory 'Induction for early career teachers (England)' guidance and can be used to ensure your school is providing inductions for ECTs in line with the relevant requirements and expectations. 

Click Here to review our trust Coronavirus Contingency Policy and Remote Learning Website


Our Coronavirus (COVID-19): Contingency Plan provides an overview /  outline how we will operate if restrictions are implemented, covering areas including remote education, on-site provision and safeguarding. 

Updated: Sept 2021 for Coronavirus updates and risk assessments please click here 

Click Here to review our First Aid in Schools policy 

 Sept 2021 - Aug 2022)

This policy outlines all the key procedures CFAT schools have in place to ensure they are providing effective first aid. 

Currently under review to incorporate a statement of intent to outline our First Aid Procedures during the continued Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Click Here to review CFAT Health & Safety Policy

Sept 2021-22 

This policy outlines our trust protocols and procedures regarding health and safety in our schools and organisations. It addresses considerations such as roles and responsibilities, training, first aid, fire safety, accident reporting, bomb threat procedures and more. In addition, it includes advice on manual handling, working at heights and lone working. Its covers CFAT, our schools, the trust SCITT and CFAT Facilities Ltd. 

Click Here to review our Whistle Blowing Policy

 Sept 2021 - Aug 2022)

This policy outline our procedures for ensuring staff understand how to raise any concerns and what procedures are in place to deal with their concerns.

Alongside comprehensive procedures, protected disclosures, assurances and the appeal process are all addressed in detail. 

Trust Wide Scheme of Delegation and Financial Management Policies 

The ‘Academy Trust handbook’  requires the board of trustees to publish its scheme of delegation in the governance statement published within its annual accounts and on the academy trust’s website.

Click Here to review trust Statutory information page including which is our published scheme of delegation and financial management policies.    (currently under review Autumn Term 2021)


Trust Wide GDPR, Privacy and Data Policies The main trust privacy and data protection policies relating to our schools, scitt and trading company are available by clicking here

Click Here to review Freedom of Information Agreed Publication Scheme 


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, all schools are required to publish a freedom of information statement and outline how they will meet their duties under the act. This model policy details how schools should respond to individual information access requests, how data should be released, as well as how to provide effective advice and assistance for applicants.
This policy, alongside the Model Publication Scheme provided in the appendix, sets out how we are meeting our statutory duties under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as well as other relevant legislation, and, how we, respond to all requests fairly, lawfully and sensitively. 

Click Here to review our Teacher Appraisal and Capability Policy and Procedures

This policy sets out the framework for clear and consistent assessment of the overall performance of teachers, including the headteacher. It is designed to support teachers’ development, within the context of the school’s plan for improving educational provision and performance, and the standards expected of teachers. 
This policy has been separated into two Teacher Appraisal and Capability Policies.


Click Here Accessibility Plan 2021-22

Schools are required to implement accessibility plans which are aimed at:

  • Increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum.
  • Improving the physical environment of schools to enable pupils with disabilities to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided.
  • Improving the availability of accessible information to pupils with disabilities.




Click Here to review our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy  Click Here to review our Charging and Remissions Policy Click Here to review our Equal Opportunities Policy
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cFAT Central Policies

Business Expenses Policy

Buying and Selling Annual Leave Policy

Disclosure and Barring Service Policy

Employee Grievance Procedure

Employee Disciplinary Procedure

Employees Social Media Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy - Sept 2021-22 (currently under review)


Trust Wide HR Policies 

Maternity Leave Policy

Adoption Leave Policy

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Teachers Pay Policy - September 2020/21  (currently under review)

Support Staff Pay Policy - September 2020/21   

Flexible Working Procedure for Employees