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A Message from Our Board Chair

16 July 2020 (by admin)

A message of thanks for your incredible support and solidarity this academic year.


A Message from Our Board Chair 


A message of thanks for your incredible support and solidarity this academic year.

Dear all,

As Chair of this amazing trust, I would like to share a couple of end of term thoughts with you.

Earlier this week, the Board of Trustees held its last meeting of the 2019-20 academic year and we took the opportunity to look forward to September 2020 but also to review some of the year’s highlights and notable accomplishments - despite obvious challenges. 

The Board would also like to convey its deepest gratitude and appreciation to the entire workforce and school community for all your support, flexibility and contributions during this unprecedented year. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you continue to do.

I would also like to personally thank each of our skilled Members, Trustees, Local Academy Board Governors and Kingsbridge Headteacher Board; Headteachers for all your continued expertise and support. Your support and expertise is very much valued by us.   

The Board recognise that a large number of school employees are continuing to work over the ordinary summer break, to provide support for key worker and vulnerable children, as our school always does. As a Board we are very proud of your commitment and our school trust’s continuing commitment to our local community. Despite Covid-19 challenges you have continued to support children’s learning and development no matter what the encounter / challenge. 

The Board has been amazed hearing reports of all the support provided throughout the pandemic. In particularly the extremely large number of children that have been able to access in-school provision, but also the outstanding remote support provided by you and the school, to those children who have accessed remote learning from home. These accomplishments are truly remarkable. 

The Board wish to particularly thank Mrs Darbyshire for how imaginative she has been in her approach to supporting you, our children and families during this pandemic. Mrs Darbyshire is a strong and decisive leader who has remained completely committed to the needs of our school, its employees and community no matter what the challenge. We are all truly privileged and grateful to have such a strong leader leading our school and trust.

In conclusion; the Board would like to make two special mentions to Mrs Howard, Head of School and Mrs Frost, Trust Finance Director who as you are aware are both retiring at the end of the school year. Under their leadership our school and trust has positively developed in many ways. The Board would like to thank them both for everything they have done for Platt Bridge Community School and Community First Academy Trust. I am sure that you will all join with me in thanking both Mrs Howard and Mrs Frost for all their contributions and dedication to the school and community and wish them both a long and happy retirement.

Finally, and on behalf of the Board, thank you for all for your ongoing hard work and all you do for our community and children. You make Platt Bridge and CFAT extremely special. Please enjoy a safe and well deserved summer break.

Yours faithfully,



Ruth Rule-Mullen

Chair of Trustees

Community First Academy Trust

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