cfat Delivering the Vision

Community First Academy Trust has the education of all at the heart of everything that it does. We focus on excellence in teaching and the highest standards of behaviour as the basis of our success.1

We however, also ensure that our pupils are encouraged to be independent learners, contributing to their own educational journey. We know that our educational approach is successful as we have seen the transformation of Platt Bridge Community School.11

There is a minimum expectation that all lessons are good or better.

Platt Bridge has delivered results that are way above the national expectations for all children at KS2 year on year.

We have the highest expectations of the pupils and ourselves.

We are actively involved in developing our own practice and supporting other schools and academies to make improvements.

We are a National Support School which recognises the expertise within the school.1

Each school, teacher, leader and learner in Community First Academy Trust will have access to:

Kingsbridge Institute of Learning support and resources.

Teachers who have been trained within the Trust and through Kingsbridge EIP SCITT.

The full range of resources within the Community First Academy Trust.

The skills and leadership necessary to provide excellent teaching and learning.

The tools necessary to deliver raised aspirations and achievement of its pupils. Through this and working together we will be able to ensure across the group that:

No individual or group of learners is left behind. 

Everyone contributes to the drive for continuous improvement across the Trust.

Everyone actively promotes the core values of the Trust.

We prepare all pupils to be responsible citizens who contribute positively to the local, national and global community.

We provide all pupils with the tools to engage fully with their learning and the world after education.

We are fully committed to the needs of our local communities.