CFAT Development

Our charitable trusts works in partnership to share expertise and, as a family of schools, we are able to offer wide-ranging opportunities to children and teachers. 

We plan to become a family of high performing group of school who, by working together, will make a significant impact on the life chances of young people in the communities our charitable serves.

Community First Academy Trust wants to develop a partnership of schools in collaboration as one entity to improve and maintain high educations standards across the group. 

We believe that an enlarged group of schools working together, sharing expertise, knowledge and resources is the best way to deliver long term sustainability and improvement.

If you are a school that requires improvement, we will work together to formulate and implement improvement and development plans with the support, expertise and knowledge of the wider group. If you are a good or outstanding school we would truly welcome the opportunity to learn from your strengths within our charitable trust, building upon our joint expertise to deliver outstanding education to the whole group. 1